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Premier Interns is a Professional Career Service – not a public job board.

Our team has over 85 years of Career Coaching Experience.

We know how to ask the right questions to collect a student’s unique skills and interests.  We will help create a professional-style Online Profile and PDF Resume.  Helping to advance careers is what we are all about.

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Learn how Premier Interns bridges students and businesses together – students with work experience and business mentors in search of quality interns to get jobs done.  

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1-on-1 and Group Coaching Programs for Resume Writing, Interviewing, Tutoring, Applying to Colleges and Scholarships, and Career Counseling available.

Premier Interns bridges Academics, Interests and Skills with Hands-On Work Experience – together, Premier Interns Learn How To Earn.

We match Students with Mentors, Business and Opportunity.

Premier Interns Works.



Sample Profile:

Featured Intern  |  Susan Robinson
.  ….   PDF             Print

Susan Robinson         Atlanta, GA   USA

Susan Robinson is a student at College / High School − Class of 2018 in Atlanta, Georgia.

Susan has advanced STEM coursework experience in Medicine / Pre-Medicine.

Ms. Robinson has work experience in Medical Office Administration and Internship Projects with ABC Healthcare – a Primary Medical Practice in Atlanta.



Front Office & Accounting Help

Bookkeeping / Receptionist

PR / Social Media / Blogging

Medical & Marketing Research
  FULL TIME      PAID      






Education:                           Local College / High School – Atlanta, GA – Class of 2018matthew-spencer-premier-interns-logo-bar

     •   General Studies         GPA 3.1   •   26 ACT   •   1675 SAT

     •   College Counselor:   Jane Harrison  |  Director of College Counseling  

           (404) 555-1212  /


Work Experience:             ABC Healthcare          Intern / Office Administrator                       2016  | 2017 

          Atlanta Swim Team         Swim Coach                             2015 | 2016 | 2017 

          Buckhead Swim Atlanta         Swim Coach                     2015 | 2016 | 2017  


Athletics:                            HS Varsity Basketball        HS Cheerleader        Atlanta Swim Team         Buckhead Swim Team

Volunteering  /                    Habitat For Humanity   •   City of Sandy Springs  •   American Cancer Society  •  Atlanta Good Samaritans

Community Service          Atlanta Food Bank  •   ABC Healthcare   •   Local YMCA  •  Georgia Youth Aquatics  



Core Curriculum, Skills & Interests

 School Curriculum

 Chemistry, Geometry, Algebra, Physics

  Languages:  English, Spanish, Latin  

 World & US History, Fine Art & Design

 Theology, Community Service

•   Music (Piano)

Career Skills & Interests

  Medicine / General Practice   

  Psychology / Mental Health

  Physical Health & Fitness

  Environmental Sustainability


Computer | Software Skills

  Microsoft Windows 10 + Android

  Microsoft Office Professional 2016  |  365

• Word • Excel • Powerpoint • Outlook

  Apple OSX + iOS 



College / University               
Atlanta, GA          
General Studies             2014-Present

Local High School                 Atlanta, GA          General Studies             2010-2014


Continuing Education

Microsoft  –  Office Professional – Online                   Word  |  Excel  |  PowerPoint  |  Outlook

Facebook  –  Social Media                                         Community Service / Blogging


References & Recommendations

High School / College or University

   Mr. Daniel Robinson  |  HS, College or University

  Ms. Michelle Dennison  |  Visual Arts Department Chair

  Mr. Christopher Davidson  |  Social Sciences

   Ms. Jane Harrison  |  Director of College Counseling

Local Community College

   Mr. Davis Miller  |  Department Chair

  Ms. Catie Duncan  |  Assistant Director of Admissions

Work & Community Service

   Dr. David Johnson MD  |  Partner, ABC Healthcare

   Ms. Judith Howard  |  Vice President, Georgia Medical Services Association

   Ms. Amy Moore  |  Vice President, YMCA

   Mr. Keith Underwood  |  Senior Services of America 

   Mr. Jack Williamson  |   Director, Genuine Parts Company

   Ms. Pamela Ostermann  |  President, Medical Group Foundation

   Ms. Theresa Sullivan  |  Atlanta Cancer & Health Centers

   Ms. Nancy Willis  |  Sandy Springs Healthcare Facility

Contact     Susan Robinson        (404) 500-6981             PDF           Print


Local High School (LHS)  and College Accreditations / Advanced Curriculum

 Southern Association of Colleges & Schools                     Georgia Independent School Association

 US Dept. of Education | Blue Ribbon Schools                   National Association of Independent Schools

 Catholic High School Honor Roll                                       National Catholic Education Association


Premier Interns | Pricing

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  • $299/Profile and $8.25/Monthly

  • Select Advance Your Career to become a Premier Intern on our website, AND get 1-On-1 Coaching to get a running start.

  • 1-On-1 Career Coaching Sessions

  • Custom Premier Interns Online Profile

  • Custom Premier Interns PDF Resume

  • FRONT-OF-LINE Priority Support

  • HERO Slideshow on Profile Page (Header)

  • 24-Image Portfolio Slideshow (Expanded)

  • Private Profile Link - Password Protected

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  • $199/Profile and $8.25/Monthly

  • Select Start Your Career and be on our list of Premier Interns - Here you will have your Custom Profile and Resume.

  • Online FAQ Advisor

  • Custom Premier Interns Online Profile

  • Custom Premier Interns PDF Resume

  • FAQ Customer Support

  • HERO Slideshow on Profile Page (Header)

  • 12-Image Premier Portfolio w/Slideshow

  • Private Profile Link - Password Protected

RESEARCH Package - Pricing Table Graphic - V11
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  • Research how to wrtie your Resume on Premier Interns first so you can later start or advance your career with us !

  • Access to our Resume Library

  • Professional, College and High School Resume Styles

  • Access to our growing FAQ Section


Hire or Mentor a Premier Intern Today.


The Better Way to Find Quality Interns

Premier Interns makes finding quality intern candidates simple.

We start with quality students – All Premier Interns are verified.

Premier Interns Resumes and Profiles are accurate.


You can start an internship program in just three steps:


Register  –  Employers can post ten (10) full-time or part-time jobs, paid or unpaid internships and project work.

Post  –  Select a sample internship description, customize to your needs and send to us – we do the rest.  Most popular work: 

Marketing / Sales / Advertising   •   Social Media / PR / Events

Finance / Accounting   •   Office Help / Project Manager / Assistant

Computer / Software Support   •   Medical / Research Intern

Manufacturing Intern   •   Fine or Performing Arts Intern

Receptionist   •   Customer Support Representative


When students apply to your internship, you get an email message to view their application – no phone calls, no spam allowed.

It’s easy to create an exclusive “PremierInterns@” email address – we can send them there.


When you see Premier Interns of interest to you, simply email or call to leave them a message.  Premier Interns reply in the manner most convenient for you.

View Intern Job Descriptions & Project Work Ideas:

What types of projects should you assign to interns?

  • Premier Interns perform best when they can work projects with clear instruction and limited supervision – think ‘Entry-Level’ and define start- / end- points.  
  • Once projects are completed to your satisfaction, you can always add responsibilities and/or complexity.

TIP:        Days of mindless, boring or unwanted menial work is not an internship program – instead:  THINK PROJECT WORK.

•   Project Work is where Premier Interns Excel  –  FT / PT, Paid / Unpaid:     Project Work is a WIN-WIN.  

Here’s why:

1.    Everyone can use some extra help around the office.  

2.    Students are looking for experience – internship work and job experience is divided by project work.

3.    Students and Interns need to learn at least 5 skills to place on resumes, college and scholarship applications, and job applications – of course.  

4.    So divide a ‘Job’ into projects – it’s an easy way to delegate and get jobs done with limited supervision.

5.    Give them a shot – here are example projects, where your intern will feel comfortable applying to work:

Sample Project Work  /  Job Task Examples:

    • Research competitor programs, campaigns, or initiatives – compile and present statistics.
    • Add fresh life to a project that has been forever ‘ON-HOLD”.
    • Create a new social media approach, a new strategy, evaluate other social media platforms, or plan how your current social media strategy could be improved.
    • Critique your company’s website:   page by page.   From a new and fresh perspective, collect ideas for enhancing User Experience (UX).
    • Propose ideas to a mid-level problem – create a new perspective.
    • Research and report on the most successful companies in your industry – start with companies in other markets first.  
    • Scan industry media for news items; provide regularly scheduled updates.
    • Join team members at a client, sales, or another outside meeting – purely in an observer role.  Request notes and feedback after the meeting.
    • For Techies:  Find new ways to improve efficiency, streamline programs, or cut costs.
    • Give 1 real job or task – although it may be incredibly simple and/or basic (such as answering the phones during lunch hours) it shows they are willing to go 110% and take full responsibility.


    • Create new versions of a PowerPoint presentation, such as refreshing charts and graphs, or changing slides from old 3:4 to 16:9 HD format.
    • Schedule, plan and coordinate, and attend an event or meeting – you can always use an extra hand.
    • Update a marketing plan, financial forecast, or another report that needs a new life.
    • Produce a video or slide presentation.
    • Perform a study or survey; analyze and present results.
    • Write internal communications.
    • Compile employee manuals or develop process directions for tasks with high employee turnover.
    • Source goods or search for lower-cost sources for high-volume materials.
    • Clean up a database.
    • Serve as a liaison between the company and clients or vendors (freeing up staff members to communicate on only more crucial issues).
    • Aid in the modification or enhancement of your internship program.
    • Help screen and train replacement interns prior to departure.

Need Help?    Visit our FAQ Center or Contact Us (below)...


About Premier Interns

Premier Interns is a Premium Career Counseling & Advisory Service.  

We match Quality Students with Business Mentors – Safely & Securely.


The Need is Real.

High School and College students need work experience so they can begin their career journey.

It can be tough to get those early opportunities to gain much-needed experience – students find themselves competing with older workers for even entry-level jobs.

Securing internships has issues as well – students end up on LinkedIn or Job Boards – again mixed in with older workers.  

With younger students, parents can be genuinely concerned about their teen putting detailed information about themselves on the internet without any privacy protection whatsoever.

Our Solution Works.

Premier Interns is a service designed for students and parents to make it easier to get work experience and to protect the privacy of younger students at the same time.

Premier Interns ensures students are better equipped to present their qualifications and accomplishments to potential employers.

The website offers an easy-to-use, personal profile and resume builder designed to showcase academic accomplishments, skills and interests, athletic activities, artistic portfolios, and community service.

Your custom online profile comes with a custom, password-protected URL for the student and is also downloadable, so that it turns into a sharp professional-looking PDF resume for in-person job interviews.

Our Program: 

A great-looking resume is helpful, yet even more importantly, getting the interview is critical and that’s an area that makes Premier Interns so valuable.  We offer student our “Meet-4-Work” job matching and introduction service so students can go on more interviews.

Meet-4-Work has an 85% success rate for getting job seekers into meaningful conversations with employers.

That means a student will get more opportunities for paid and unpaid internships, and project work to build up their work experience.

Premier Internships offers Monthly and Annual Memberships – sign up today to begin your career journey.

With over 85 years of professional experience, the Premier Interns Executive Team is dedicated to advancing today’s talent and tomorrow’s future workforce.

Leadership Team

Howard Cattie  |  President     

Howard Cattie  
|  President

Howard Cattie is President for Premier Interns.

Mr. Cattie has over 30 years of experience at Board- and C-Level for companies in nearly every business sector. His expertise as an Executive Advisor also includes VP- and Director-Level Executives, Professional / Subject Matter Experts (SMEs) and Consultants in numerous industries.

As President and CEO, Mr. Cattie oversees the Premier Executive team, manages client engagements and as an Executive Career Coach, he remains involved in all areas of program development. Howard’s background includes work with IBM, Norrell, Romac / Kforce, Custom Recruiting Services and The Frontier Group USA. His truest passion is helping individuals identify long-term goals and positioning themselves to get there.

Mr. Cattie holds a Master of Science degree in Computer Engineering from The University of Michigan, MBA from Temple University, and Bachelors of Science degree from Saint Joseph’s University.

Michele Brant  |  VP, Executive Advisor & Coach


Michele Brant  |  VP – Executive Advisor & Coach

Michele Brant is Vice President, Executive Advisor and Executive Coach for Premier Executives.  

Ms. Brant has over 30 years of experience, working with Board- and C-Level for companies in nearly every business sector.  Her expertise as an Executive Advisor and Executive Coach includes Board-Level, C-Level, VP- and Director-Level Executives, Professional / Subject Matter Experts (SMEs) and Consultants.

As Vice President, Executive Advisor and Executive Coach, Ms. Brant applies her expertise in areas of Executive Careers, leadership and work/life balance.  Michele has worked with countless clients to achieve the optimal career that integrates with their lifestyle.  

Ms. Brant holds a Bachelors of Science degree in Industrial Management, Business Marketing and Computer Science from The Georgia Institute of Technology.  Michele is certified as a Certified Professional Coach (CPC) and Energy Leadership Index Master Practitioner – ELI-MP, Coaching Program Graduate, Professionally Certified Coach (PCC), Strengths Deployment Inventory (SDI), Emotional Intelligence (EQ) and Communication Model Certifications.

Suzie Price  |  Senior Executive Advisor


Suzie Price   |  Senior Executive Advisor, Team & Talent Management

Suzie Price is a Senior Executive Advisor for Premier Executives.

Ms. Price brings over 25 years experience in the Human Resources – both as a leading consultant and facilitator. Her expertise includes Financial Services, Consumer, Technology and “Big 5” Business Consultancies.

As Senior Executive Advisor, Ms. Price works with senior-level executives and professionals through a 360 Process – her unique approach to improve leadership and communication. Suzie serves as a lead executive coach and consultant with a focus on best practices, reducing turnover and increasing productivity.

Ms. Price holds Bachelors of Arts degree from The University of South Carolina – Columbia, Suzie is a Board Member of the Technology Association of Georgia (TAG) and leads the Human Resources Society. She is also a Board Member of the Southeast Association of Facilitators.

Adriane Wilson   |  Executive Advisor


Adriane Wilson  |  Executive Advisor, Talent Management Group

Adriane Wilson is an Executive Advisor for Premier Executives and oversees our Talent Management Group.

Ms. Wilson brings over 20 years of experience across various industries, is a savvy communicator and passionate about all aspects of training and development. She is a dynamic professional, focused on developing natural talents through the GALLUP StrengthsFinder – a language of 34 Themes and positive psychology.

Ms. Wilson holds Bachelors of Arts degree from The University of North Texas and Masters of Arts degree in Communication and Media Studies from Stanford University.

She is a certified Executive Coach from the American College of Healthcare Executives (ACHE) and Life Member of the Stanford Alumni Association.

Scott Spencer  |  SVP / Operations


Scott Spencer  |  EVP / Operations

Scott Spencer is the Principal and Vice President of Operations for Premier Executives.

Mr. Spencer designs and implements his best practices approach to our business strategies and solutions team.  Scott is responsible for implementing processes to manage sales, marketing, support and the overall operations of the company.

Mr. Spencer brings over 30 years of professional experience in multiple industries, including Technology, Marketing, Human Resources, Recruiting, Career Coaching and Job Transitioning and Real Estate.  Scott is a specialist in leveraging human and financial resources.

Mr. Spencer majored in Journalism / Marketing & Advertising at The University of Georgia with minors in Graphic Design and Landscape Architecture. 

Stephen Marc   |   Director – Operations

Stephen Marc  |  Director of Operations

Stephen Marc is Director of Operations for Premier Executives.

Mr. Marc implements his best practices approach to our business strategies and solutions team. Stephen is responsible for implementing processes to manage sales, marketing, support and the overall operations of the company.

Mr. Marc’s brings over 25 years of professional experience in multiple industries, including Human Resources, Recruiting, Career Coaching and Job Transitioning, Technology and Real Estate. Stephen is a facilitator and trainer for SalesForce, Sugar and GoldMine customer relationship management (CRM) platforms, and is a specialist in leveraging human and financial resources.

Mr. Marc majored in German and Russian Language Studies at Cornell College and is a Freelance Photographer.



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Premier Interns Gift Certificates are customized with name, signed and assigned a unique code.

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