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Premier Interns | Video Overview

Learn how Premier Interns connects students and businesses together – students need valuable work experience and business mentors to get projects done.  


Schools  |  College & HS Students

>  Colleges, Universities and High Schools view Premier Interns as higher-quality students.

Our students stand out when applying to Colleges, Universities, for Scholarships, Grants & Financial Aid.

Students use Premier Interns to showcase their accomplishments, talents and skills.

We begin by emphasizing academic achievements first – GPA / AP / ACT / SAT / AP and Core Curriculum.

Then students can showcase public service, athletics, extra-curricular activities, fine art with artistic portfolios, performing arts, unique talents and skills.

Now Colleges and Universities can view students with Premier Interns-Sponsored Work Experience – some by earning school credits and can see true potential.

Premier Interns stand out above the competition.  Premier Interns Works.



Interns  |  Start Here.

>   Build your Resume and Custom Profile.  See Jobs, Projects and Apply – No Online Applications.

Our Resume Library shows you how from start to finish – it’s easier and smarter than you think.

Our ‘Easy-Start’ program starts with access to our 100+ Resume Library.  Choose from Business / Finance, Marketing / Advertising, STEM / Medical – Engineering, Fine Arts / Performing Arts / Liberal Arts and more.

Select one or combine more than one, then fill-in your unique skills, talents and areas of interest.

We will then custom-design your online profile, send you and a downloadable PDF resume ideal for meetings and interviews.

Businesses  |  Post Jobs Here.

>  Signup.  Post Jobs & Project Work.  Sponsor Interns to Get the Job Done.

Full-time or Part-time, Paid or Unpaid – Projects.  Premier Interns are Ready to Work.

Companies offering Project Work is a great place to start.

Post Jobs and/or Projects you need to complete.  Full-Time or Part-Time, Paid or Unpaid, Premier Interns is a great way to meet quality, upscale students wanting to earn valuable work experience.

Parents  | Get Started Today.

>  Select a Plan.  Our 1-On-1 Coaching gives you and your intern a running head start.

Parents like Premier Interns because our Profiles are Password-Protected, Safe and Secure. 

Premier Interns is a Professional Career Service – not a public job board.

Our team has over 85 years of Career Coaching Experience.

We know the right questions to ask your student.

We then help them to collect their unique skills and interests.  Together create a smart, professional-style Online Profile and PDF Resume.  Helping to advance careers is what we are all about.


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